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An ERP & CRM trusted by millions of SME’S, startup’s and enterprises globally.

A team of 300+ Functional & Technical Consultants.

Human-centric & data-driven approach to propose better solutions & implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM & ERP.

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Your go-to digital transformation partner offers expert ERP & CRM consulting, data warehousing, Power BI, end-to-end system implementation & data integration in the Microsoft ERP & CRM landscape.

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20+ years of turning complexity into simplicity, transforming your business operations into a seamless and profitable machine.

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Enhance your app architecture, add new features, address security, ensure regulatory compliance, improve user experience, or revamp entire systems.

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Tailoring software to perfect for your business with a team of 300+ Consultants, App Architects, UI/UX, DevOps, and QA Professionals.

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Ensure uninterrupted success with our 100+ team members dedicated to keeping your business running seamlessly around the clock 24/7.

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Seeking remote or in-person resources for Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite implementation? Let's connect!

Discover how our round-the-clock, top-rated support team can provide the perfect resource from our in-house pool of 300+ well-trained professionals, specialising in Dynamics 365 consulting services in the UK.

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Our Offerings

Empower businesses with cutting-edge ERP & CRM solutions—unleash excellence with centralized management of Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain & more.

Business Central- Microsoft Dynamics 365

Empower Your Business Growth Across All Departments

Revolutionize your business management with Business Central—operate intelligently, adapt swiftly, and achieve superior performance. Boost productivity for finance and operations personnel by up to 18%, delivering an impressive 172% ROI.


Startups, SME”s & Enterprises

Starting at just $70 per user/month

Finance - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Managing Finance Has Never Been This Easy

Reinvigorate your Finances & Boost agility through interconnected financial planning, budgeting & forecasting that spans your entire organization. Maximize revenue streams with AI-driven billing, accounts receivable (AR), collections, and more. Proactively oversee liquidity through predictive analytics and cash flow forecasting.

Accelerate financial closure and reporting with self-serve analytics and automation

Manage tax jurisdictions, rates, and deductibility seamlessly with a unified tax data model.

Starting at $180 per user/month (prices may vary)

Supply Chain - Microsoft Dynamics 365

Your Supply Chain Is In Good Hands

Modernize your supply chain for heightened visibility, improved planning, efficient procurement, and optimized fulfilments. Benefit from multiple layers of cybersecurity, physical management, and endpoint security, ensuring a 99.9% uptime for your data accessibility.

Upgrade your entire system with a comprehensive upgrade.

Over 5,000 developer extensibility points offered by our open platform.

A seamless Optimization starting just at $180 per user/month.

Human resources- Microsoft Dynamics 365

Create Workplace Where People Thrive

Cultivate an environment where people & business flourish with MD365 HR & Our In-house advance system on top of Microsoft Apps. Manage payroll, leave tracking, employee profiles, self-service capabilities, attendance management, performance evaluation, recruitment/onboarding, and end-of-service/pensions.

User-friendly self-service HR tools & Microsoft Teams.

Data-driven & people-centric HR approach that transcends conventional

Next-best-action guidance and ensure regulatory compliance.

Customized Web & Mob App Development

Technologies We work on: React | AngularJS | Native | Flutter | Node | Laravel | Java | .Net | iOS | Android | Web & Mobile Apps | Business Apps | eCommerce & Shopify powered by Microsoft.

Trusted Across Industries


Middle East and North Africa, Cortec® Middle East, the leading manufacturer of environmentally-friendly corrosion inhibitors providing effective solutions for corrosion challenges across most industries.

Don’t take our words

Their knowledge has significantly enhanced our operations and customer relationship management. I enthusiastically endorse Dynamics Stream as a Microsoft service provider & Mr. Bilal for Business Central and CRM.


Gulf Capital is a leading thematically driven and socially conscious alternative investment firm with over sixteen years of investment experience in Growth Markets across Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Estate.

Client Reviews

Their support consistently addresses our evolving requirements. Thanks to Dynamics Stream & Mr. Nasir, we've embraced data-driven decision-making and witnessed enhanced business performance. We wholeheartedly endorse them as a trustworthy ERP implementation partner.

eCommerce & Trading

Khiara Stores has been a leading regional supplier of kitchenware, tableware, and other homeware products since 1955.

Client Testimonilas

Their implementation & post-implementation support is noteworthy. The team is diligent, responsive, and committed to addressing any issues or inquiries promptly. I highly endorse them for ERP implementation.

4.2 Top-rated care

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Copilot Across All Microsoft Suites

The finest Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant crafted to bring value to every tier of an organization. Dynamics Stream A Microsoft solution partners in Dubai UAE, USA and the UK embracing & implementing Copilot to share huge benefits of it. Experience streamlined tasks, enhanced collaboration, and tailor it to meet your organization's unique needs.

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With the emergence of generative AI, the landscape of retail automation is undergoing a profound transformation, promising unprecedented levels of optimisation.

Case Study

Tiryaki Agro, a renowned global agricultural products supply chain company, has been a leading provider of healthy, reliable, and sustainable agricultural products since its inception.


The landscape of modern business is evolving at an unprecedented pace, driven by technological advancements and the ever-growing demand for efficiency and innovation.

Our consultants make sure that you get the right solution & care