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Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Financial Services

  • Maximize your Business with Effective Financial Management Solution

    As a financial services provider, you're noticing more competitors. You must strive to deliver more to your clientele, collaborate more to be consistent with ever-changing rules, & create most of every possibility. It would be best if you also considered your organization's future. Are you confident that you're in an excellent position to fulfill your strategic goals? The financial management capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM software products, including the new Microsoft Dynamics 365, enable financial services organizations to clarify accounting metrics and achieve enterprise-wide financial planning, forecasting, and financial reporting effectiveness. Familiar with existing tool functionality. Powerful management is made possible by Dynamics 365 ERP.

  • Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Financial Services

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financial Services is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) system used in banking, wealth finance, wealth management, insurance, or real estate finance. Dynamics 365 for Financial Services includes many tools and capabilities to help you overcome industry-specific procedures and regulation needs

    360-Degree Client Perspective

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers a centrally controlled perspective of all your clients. Users may keep track of all customer information, including their essential contact information, interactions, emails, phone calls, marketing preferences, previous purchases of goods and services, and more. This enables a single source of truth and guarantees that any team member can connect with a customer efficiently. Furthermore, because the information is housed in a single system, there is no need for employees to search through different spreadsheets or separate systems, resulting in an improved user experience.


    Dynamics 365 may be accessible via a mobile app that provides the same features and functions as the desktop browser. This empowers your employees that frequently spend time away from the office or those who just work from home to have more flexible access. Employees may use the software from anywhere to get contact and account information, monitor and send emails, and more. D365 is a real-time system; therefore, any data submitted is immediately available to others.

  • Reporting

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 delivers basic features that facilitate users to monitor sales funnels and key performance indicators (KPIs) via built-in dashboards. Clients of our Financial Services solution may also construct more detailed reports that are industry-specific. Dynamics 365 collaborates with Microsoft Power BI to deliver enhanced insights and extensive information.

    Safety & Regulatory Requirements

    Organizations in the financial services sector are obligated to comply with strict industry regulations and ensure that everything they do is legal. Dynamics 365 enables organizations to manage rules by providing data that is reliably stored in a central database with a 99.9% availability assurance. Furthermore, D365 empowers employees to manage their processes more efficiently, minimizing the possibility of human error and verifying that everyone in the organization is data compliant.

    Software Integration

    Because of its integration with the Microsoft ecosystem, Dynamics 365 works efficiently with the Microsoft 365 stack (Word, OneNote, SharePoint, Excel, etc.), the Power Platform (Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Apps), and with Other Dynamics 365 products.


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