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Dynamics 365 Human Resources
Streamline HR Management for a Thriving Workplace

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resource Payroll Software, a dynamic cloud-based solution tailored to streamline HR processes and optimise employee engagement. From comprehensive employee profiles to advanced analytics, Dynamics 365 HR and Payroll offers features to enhance performance management, benefits administration, and employee development. Connect with Dynamics Stream for Dynamics 365 HR Payroll systems implementations and embark on a journey of HR transformation, leveraging cutting-edge technology and expert support to drive organisational success and employee satisfaction to new heights.

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Revolutionise Your HR and Payroll System:
Empowering Data-Driven Excellence

  • Strategic Insights
  • Enhanced Employee Experience
  • Optimized Operations
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Transform Your Workplace Dynamics with
Dynamics 365 HR Payroll Solution

Transform Employee Experience

Empower employees with intuitive self-service Dynamics 365 HR Payroll systems and seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, fostering autonomy and efficiency in accessing essential information.

Optimise HR & Payroll System

Simplify benefits, compensation, leave management, and compliance programs for enhanced organisational efficiency and employee satisfaction.

Increase Organisational Agility

Swiftly adapt to changes with scalable Dynamics 365 HR Payroll systems that seamlessly integrate with existing and partner systems, ensuring agility and flexibility in meeting evolving business needs.

Discover Workforce Insights

Centralise workforce data and leverage embedded analytics to uncover valuable insights, driving informed decision-making and strategic HR management.

Transform Employee Experience

Optimise HR & Payroll System

Increase Organisational Agility

Discover Workforce Insights

Unlock the Potential of Dynamics 365 HR Payroll Systems

Centralise Employee Profile

Build meaningful employee connections through comprehensive profiles showcasing career milestones, skills, certifications, and personal interests, fostering a culture of engagement and collaboration.

Create Flexible Compensation Plans

Tailor compensation programs to align with organisational objectives and easily adapt them to changing business needs, ensuring streamlined processes and equitable reward structures across the board.

Adapt to Business Needs with Extensibility

Harness the power of over 5,000 developer extensibility points to customise and personalise Dynamics 365 HR Payroll systems, seamlessly integrating standardised workflows and optimising efficiency across the organisation's unique requirements.

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We would try to cover most important FAQ’s here!

D365 Human Resources offers robust features for personnel management, leave and absence tracking, benefits administration, compensation management, performance evaluation, learning management, and workplace safety and compliance.

Utilise the Power Platform to tailor D365 Human Resources to your requirements by creating custom fields, workflows, business events, and integrations with other applications and services. Additionally, seamlessly connect with partner solutions offering payroll, talent acquisition, and other HR functions to enhance functionality.

Enhance employee experiences and engagement with D365 Human Resources by providing self-service portals for employees and managers. They can conveniently update personal information, request leaves, enrol in benefits, access performance feedback, and participate in learning courses. Leverage data and insights to optimise HR programs, foster a culture of recognition and development, and drive organisational success.

In Dynamics 365 Human Resources, navigate to Personnel Management> Jobs > Jobs and click New to create a new job. Enter job details, including title, description, level, and status, and assign skills, tasks, and compensation structures as needed.

To request a leave of absence, go to Employee self-service> Leave and absence > Request time off in Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Select the desired dates and type of leave, provide a reason, and attach any necessary supporting documents. Submit your request for approval by your manager or HR.

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