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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
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Discover unparalleled financial management with D365 Finance and Operations, a cloud-based solution meticulously crafted to streamline and elevate your financial operations. From real-time general ledger tracking to seamless accounts payable and receivable management, Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations offers a robust suite of features designed to optimise your financial processes. With Dynamics Stream, the premier Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations partner in the UK, rest assured you're partnering with experts committed to delivering tailored solutions that drive efficiency, transparency, and growth in your organisation.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, an Enterprise-level ERP Solution

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is crafted to elevate financial accuracy and transparency for your business. This cutting-edge solution empowers you to navigate the intricate landscape of financial operations in real time, offering predictive insights to drive your business forward. Seamlessly track and monitor your financial endeavours, predict outcomes, and adeptly manage global risks to enhance agility and stimulate growth. Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is your key to unlocking unparalleled financial excellence and transparency.

Maximise Financial Agility with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

  • Financial Management
  • Efficient Operations Optimisation
  • Cost Efficiency and Scalability
  • Global Compliance and Risk Management

Adapt to Your Business's Evolving Demands

Stay ahead of the curve by reimagining your financial strategies to meet the ever-changing landscape of disruptions and challenges.

Agile Budgeting and Forecasting

Stay ahead of disruptions by leveraging Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations for agile budgeting and forecasting. Compare actuals with budgets seamlessly, enabling rapid decision-making and strategic adjustments to changing market conditions.

Effortless Financial Oversight

Manage your financial records and operations with Dynamics 365 for Operations and Finance. From accounts payable to tax management, our solution offers comprehensive tools to easily streamline financial processes and adapt to evolving challenges.

Empowering Project Leadership

Take charge of your projects and drive success with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Plan, manage, and execute projects in real-time, fostering collaboration and innovation across teams. Stay adaptable to meet evolving project demands and deliver exceptional results.

Adaptive International Finance

Navigate global financial complexities confidently with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation partners by your side. Simplify regulatory compliance, adapt to international standards, and ensure border transparency. Embrace financial adaptability and resilience in a dynamic global economy.

Agile Budgeting and Forecasting

Effortless Financial Oversight

Empowering Project Leadership

Adaptive International Finance

Transform Your Financial Future with Dynamics Stream

Implementation Excellence

Receive tailored Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations implementation services to meet your unique business requirements and maximise efficiency.

Seamless Upgrades

Drive innovation and agility in your financial operations with smooth D365 Finance and Operations upgrades, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Continuous Support

Ensure uninterrupted business flow with our dedicated support services, providing assistance whenever needed.

Remote Resources

Access comprehensive remote resources to empower your team with the skills needed to optimise Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations effectively.

What Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations Plan Suit for your business

Basic Essential Business Plan

Small & Medium Business Plan

Enterprise Business Plan

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Modules


Supply Chain

Human Resources:


Empower your business to thrive in dynamic markets by optimising financial processes and streamlining operations with Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. Gain real-time insights and analytics to make informed decisions swiftly, driving growth and resilience.

Master your supply chain dynamics and navigate disruptions effectively with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Benefit from real-time visibility, adaptable planning, and advanced analytics to anticipate market shifts and maintain a competitive edge.

Transform your HR operations with automation and elevate employee engagement using Dynamics 365 Human Resources. Unlock the power of data-driven decision-making to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve superior outcomes for your business.

Deliver seamless brand experiences across channels, elevate customer satisfaction, and foster brand loyalty with Dynamics 365 Commerce. Harness a comprehensive suite of features to drive customer engagement and accelerate business growth.

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We would try to cover most important FAQ’s here!

Dynamics 365 Finance manages financial aspects like accounting and budgeting, while Dynamics 365 Operations oversees operational functions such as manufacturing and supply chain management.

X++ is a programming language derived from C#, employed to customise and expand Dynamics 365 functionality. It facilitates the creation of custom forms, reports, workflows, and plugins.

A data entity is a logical representation of a table or group of tables in Dynamics 365, utilised to expose or exchange data with external systems and import/export data seamlessly.

  1. It furnishes a unified and scalable platform adept at handling intricate global business scenarios.
  2. Real-time insights and analytics empower informed decision-making and optimise performance.
  3. Seamless integration with Microsoft products like Power Platform, Azure, and Office 365 enhances productivity.
  4. Compliance with regulatory standards like GDPR, ISO, and SOX is supported.
  5. It allows easy customisation and extensibility through user-friendly tools like Power Apps and Power Automate.

  1. Web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.
  3. Desktop apps are compatible with Windows 10 devices.
  4. Microsoft Teams apps are accessible to Microsoft Teams users.

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With the emergence of generative AI, the landscape of retail automation is undergoing a profound transformation, promising unprecedented levels of optimisation.

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Tiryaki Agro, a renowned global agricultural products supply chain company, has been a leading provider of healthy, reliable, and sustainable agricultural products since its inception.


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