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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

  • Enhancing Productivity With Intellectual Manufacturing Solutions

    Everything is more complicated in today's manufacturing world: your merchandise, your production process, and your consumers' expectations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing optimizes production planning & control efficiency & streamline production orders, bills of materials, supply planning, & capacity planning. To keep ahead of competition, immediately respond to last-minute consumer demands and adjustments, and take advantage of new business possibilities.

    Optimizing procedures and streamlining operations is a top priority for many industry associations, however, if manufacturers are to establish an organization that can effectively survive such industrial transformation, they must start with a viable business management solution. An Erp solution like Microsoft Dynamics 365 potentially makes all the difference in this situation.

  • Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Manufacturing

    Back in the days, the concept of optimizing productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction was totally ignored and used to be considered endeavors. But in this transformed world today, these assumptions are disrupted due to the convergence of digital and physical trends. Today the manufacturers are more concerned about digital transformed physical systems that can enhance visibility with extra flexibility and efficiency & at the same time being cost effective.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a solution for manufacturers that delivers a very flexible and unified approach across the production floor process and front office. The Microsoft vision for supporting digital manufacturing embraces the seismic shifts in the industry today. We’ve created solutions that provide a unified and flexible approach across front office and production floor processes.

  • Our Approach Enables Transformation in five ways:

    • Improve Manufacturing Productivity

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 analytical capabilities for manufacturing industries offers your employees with a clear understanding of core operations information such as customer resources, work order history, and previous service interactions data.

    • Streamline your Supply chain Procedure

      Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables manufacturers to seamlessly combine and monitor their supply chain data. Manufacturers may acquire important insights into their supply chain operations by using real-time data.

    • Empower Employees to work more effectively

      Employee empowerment is one of the key elements in developing a strong manufacturing organization. Dynamics 365 offers employees accessibility to role-specific solutions and a 360-degree perspective of the business, allowing them to modify and improve their working style to fit in with the current industrial environment.

    • Offer Excellent Client Service

      Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers your customer service representatives to just provide efficient, customized, and professional help to your clients regardless of the platform they are using.

    • Addressing Unique Business Requirements

      Manufacturers may take advantage of automated digital solutions such as inventory management, quality control, and maintenance through digital transformation with Dynamics 365.

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